In our first year, we had the opportunity to work with some incredible couples to plan their weddings and we had so much fun doing them and delivering these amazing experiences, we decided to set-up a dedicated team focusing ONLY on destination weddings in Italy! 

Our goal here is to deliver the most exceptional wedding service to our clients from across the globe who want to get married in Italy.

Italian Destination Wedding Specialists


What makes our wedding service different?

Our background is in travel & in delivering exceptional experiences to our curious clients and we bring that philosophy to the weddings we organize. 

A destination wedding is more than your celebration; it is a unique opportunity to spend time with your closest friends & family in a beautiful setting and we will work with you to put together an epic wedding getaway!

Planning a wedding in Italy is no mean feat! When you’re in a different country arranging your wedding from afar comes with its own unique set of challenges but the reward is worth it! A wedding in Italy is one of the most magical and special places you can think of - an experience you & your partner will never forget and your family & friends will cherish for years to come.


We are specialised in managing international weddings in Italy when our clients and their guests live abroad; sometimes thousands of miles away! We package our services tailored to your needs but a typical package would include:

  • One on One time (phone/Skype or in person) to unlock your dream special event

  • Site & Venue Proposals; refined and agreed with you including site visits as required

  • Guest management, including international travel planning, logistics and communication pre and post event

  • Unlimited advice & support before and during your event

  • Vendor management & negotiation (venues, restaurants, photographers & other support staff, as needed)

  • Location bookings made on your behalf for all of your activities

  • Telephone support

  • Design & website creation (additional costs apply)

  • Guest management & communication pre & during your event

  • Special Event Pack for all of your guests containing all the information needed; including detailed daily plans, maps, FAQs, location advice, and background information about your special event and the sights & activities they’re about to experience

Because of the time & dedication we put into our couples’ destination weddings, we only accept a limited number of couples a year. Get in touch with us to start planning your perfect day! We offer a free consultation to all new couples and we’ll help advise you on what is the best location, venue & style.

June 2020 wedding promotion!

To celebrate our new initiative, we’ve partnered with the fabulous Ms Izzy Hudgins of Izzy Hudgins Photography and are a launching an exclusive promotion for destination weddings in Italy for June 2020!

Find out more in the link below to see if you can be one of our 3 lucky couples!