About US

Our company was founded on one simple premise: to create highly personalised experiences to delight our clients' curiousity.

Planning a trip or an event abroad can take hours; whether you Do-it-Yourself by sifting through mountains of internet content, TripAdvisor reviews, travel blogs and user reviews without really knowing if you can trust the original source or whether the reviews have been bought or buying a packaged holiday which is a predetermined itinerary set for your "type" or "demographic" and paying for huge mark-ups on the original price.

We wanted to do something different.

Founded by Chiara, who is passionate about travelling and experiencing the world around her, she wanted to deliver a new type of service focused wholly on the client. This means that, after a discovery call, we take care of all the research and planning for your dream trip or event and will only provide recommendations we have personally experienced or verified. We are also committed to be vendor-neutral which means we will never, ever gain any financial kick-back from any recommendations we make. Our job means we have access to discounts but these are given directly to you, our clients, so you know that our recommendations are unbiased.

You still have complete control, we simply help ensure you end up enjoying the experiences you want to have!

Chiara CORSO, founder

Perennially curious by nature and with a fondness of uncovering hidden gems, she has worked with clients from across the world (being fluent in 4 languages helps!) and had been providing travel advice to friends and family for years before deciding to start her own company.

Having lived in 7 different countries across 3 continents, Chiara is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian (her French needs a bit of work) Organised and meticulous in her research, she has over 6 years experience working in the travel industry and over 10 years working in marketing and event planning.

She is still an avid traveller and is constantly seeking out new experiences in her native United States and Italy as well as across Europe, South America & Africa.